Love is in the Air

Hong, my childhood best friend got married this past weekend and her wedding was perfect. I have known this girl since our pre-school days and although our lives have been crazy, we seem to always pick up where we left off. One thing I can tell you is, she is a fantastic person.

Hong and Will are on the adventure of a lifetime and I am so excited for them. Cheers! Sharing this magical experience with you.

The couple celebrated Vietnamese tradition with their Ao Dai’s
Just myself and the bride.
How cute are we just laughing away?
Us bridesmaids ended up with similar hairstyles without even coordinating.
I did my own makeup.
Crab dancing Queens!
The venue was to die for!
Go-Carts for the win!
I was so hyped about the Lion Dance. Turned out to be my fellow instagrammer’s crew!
The bae and I had such a blast.
We danced and laughed the night away.
Our photobooth game was on point!
The face painter turned my forehead into art.
Silly bridesmaids.
Sending the lovebirds off with sparklers.

Their wedding was a wonderland filled with love. I am lowkey using their wedding as inspiration for mine one day!

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Hi, I'm Christine! I am a foodie, professional wanderer, fitness enthusiast, and I love sharing my memories & experiences on my blog. xo

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