Spring into the French Countryside

Spring is near, where the sun begins to appear a little more and its rays dance with the spring breeze. Buds normally begin to form on trees, daylight remains longer, animals wake and the birds return to sing. Life literally blooms during this period and sparks thoughts of rejuvenation and renewal for me. 

There is a charming little place that I enjoy dining at (particularly during this time of year) called la Madeleine. A taste of the French countryside in America.

Aromas of freshly baked baguettes make you even hungrier than before. My favorite location is on Mockingbird Lane in the heart of Dallas, where I grew up. Other locations are also amazing but nothing beats the very first la Madeleine bakery!Today I ordered, “Chicken la Madeleine” (balsamic-marinated chicken with creamy wild mushroom sauce, served with Rice Provençal and green beans) with a petite Caesar salad on the side. It was fantastic!

Don’t forget to spring into the bakery by the way (not that you’d miss it)! It is unquestionably going to give you the greatest joy with all the beautiful pastries lying out on display, calling for your sweet tooth.

I tried the “Raspberry Cream Cheese Croissant” and wow…I am content!

Look up a location near you, throw on some cute clothes and enjoy time to yourself or with a couple of friends.


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Hi, I'm Christine! I am a foodie, professional wanderer, fitness enthusiast, and I love sharing my memories & experiences on my blog. xo

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