My Grocery Cart

Since I went to the store to stock up on my kitchen essentials, I thought I would share what is in my cart during my usual shopping process.

Most of the things I get are usually organic/natural because I feel like it’s better for my health.

I am highly conscious of what goes into my body so checking labels/ingredients is a must.

I adore RX Bars so you can imagine the excitement when I saw these.
Babe wanted to try to the Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Fillets so I got him some
You can’t forget bacon…cheat meal delight
Can you tell how much I like Simply Balanced?
Frozen fruits for my smoothies. Concoction coming soon!
Oatmeal oatmeal, not for me though.
This is what my cart typically looks like.

Vegetables are always stocked up at home, so today was just essentials that run out a lot faster. Can’t wait to cook!

Happy Tuesday friends!

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Hi, I'm Christine! I am a foodie, professional wanderer, fitness enthusiast, and I love sharing my memories & experiences on my blog. xo

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