Late Night Thoughts

It’s my Tuesday night, but technically Wednesday now. It’s one of those late nights where I sit in silence because I am so eager for what’s to come “tomorrow” and the next day and the next.

Austin and I found out less than two weeks ago that we are moving back to my hometown…in two weeks! So you see, things have been a wee frantic around here with the tight schedule.

This upcoming Friday is the big day, and we somehow managed to pull off finding an apartment, packing, and figuring out all the details. It’s been less than two weeks! Boxes are packed up to the ceiling and stand ready to travel for five hours to our destination. Can you tell how proud I am?

I cannot wait for adventures with my little family and Ngoại (grandma in Vietnamese). Excitement is an understatement!


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Hi, I'm Christine! I am a foodie, professional wanderer, fitness enthusiast, and I love sharing my memories & experiences on my blog. xo

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