Moving Shenanigans

It has been about five days since we made our move closer to my hometown. Definitely was a roller coaster ride it seems because of the tight schedule we had, but we are pretty much settled into our new home base.

Here is a little recap in pictures:

We picked up the moving truck a day before the big move and stopped for some lunch!
Zeus thought he was a big help…
The sky looked so pretty!!
Last day at his old job *bye bye*
Seoul was our favorite Korean place in Lubbock, TX
The owner was always so nice and polite!
THE BIG DAY!!! I had to put him on the counter because he wanted to play with the movers lol
He said, “take a picture babe”.
He had a designated spot in the front seat…but I suppose that works too…
Welcome home goodies!!!
Waiting for the movers to leave like…
Had to visit our favorite Thai joint for dinner!
Panang Curry is my favorite!!!
Gotta get a few things…
Too exhausted.
Zeus is confused.
With my uncle Anthony and cousin Mateo! Did not plan this, but it so happened that they were visiting the weekend we moved!
The mother and I.
Bae, uncle Anthony, me, mom, Tito, and Mateo.
Quick selfies
Enjoying the sun’s rays.
This is a breakfast ritual.
Too tired to compute.
Cute top from CLS Sportswear. You can use my code (THUNDER) for a discount!

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