The Proposal

I feel like crying tears of happiness writing this post!

Days ago, the love of my life proposed to me in the most perfect way. After texting pictures and videos to my family and friends, I imagined how wonderful it would be to share this special day with you.

It all started on a calm Sunday morning (at least it was for me).

I woke up and made my way out of bed to get ready for the day. His mom was in town so we decided it would be wonderful to visit the Arboretum, especially with it being forecasted to gleam of sunshine all day.

As I was getting ready, he reminded me that we had to leave from home at 9:20 am sharp to make it to Grandma’s house by 9:45 am. The plan was to visit with grandma for a moment, then go to the Arboretum together (if she felt well enough).

Once we arrived at my grandma’s house, I spotted my friend Haley walking inside. I caught up to her and questioned why she was there, in the most delightful way possible (I was merely surprised). Haley explained that he had invited her since I suggested her joining us last week. Well, that made sense. We walked into grandma’s tiny home full of my closest family members chatting away with each other. Their individual replies to my confusion, as to why they were there made sense, therefore I didn’t think anything of it.

All of a sudden, my grandma, his mom, my mom, and Haley pulled their phones out to take pictures of us. Goofy me believed it was because we looked cute sitting (Instagram worthy picture…right?) and they just wanted to snap a couple of photos. I had on a blue/purple (blurple?) dress and felt kind of cute that morning. Bring on the pictures, I thought to myself.

A few moments later, I noticed him on the TV screen…and that’s when I knew. I started crying my eyes out and attempted to wipe my tears away as fast as they were rolling down my cheeks. At the end of the video, the TV screen read, “Will you marry me?”.

“Will you?” he asked. “YES!” I responded and hugged him so close while we both cried happy tears.

He then proceeded to slip the most beautiful ring onto my finger. We hugged again, and it seemed like it was just us against the world at that moment. I could hear my grandma saying, “everyone, start clapping!”

My surreal moment was witnessed by my family, and that meant the world to me. It was just so perfect knowing that he put so much thought and effort into our special day.

Here is my ring guys! It’s my new best friend…from my best friend!

Thank you for leaving comments of well wishes, excitement, and love for us as we step into our new chapter. Oh and yes, we did end up going to the Arboretum.

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Hi, I'm Christine! I am a foodie, professional wanderer, fitness enthusiast, and I love sharing my memories & experiences on my blog. xo

One thought on “The Proposal

  1. That is the most beautiful proposal story ever! I am so very happy and excited for you two. You did great Austin! What a beautiful ring for the most beautiful princess. I wish you many blessings.



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