A Getaway

I am sitting here reminiscing of the weekend getaway I just undertook with my family and fiance. Isn’t it funny? I still feel so giggly calling him fiance; it’s still so new!

We loaded up two vans and off to San Antonio we went. The short drive of five hours seemed reasonable for grandma to travel since she isn’t always up for it. Zeus came along too! He definitely loved the attention he got from grandma and the rest of the family.

Selfie-ing while our bags get packed up.
Thuc Lam and Zeusy gearing up for the ride.
On the road with grandma.

The journey there was not as easy as we anticipated because we approached traffic shortly after leaving and sat in it for what seemed like forever.

Feeling a tad grumpy?

Nonetheless, we made it our hotel. It was located right off the San Antonio River Walk which made up for the long drive. Austin and I were so drained from the trip, but we were thrilled to see the River Walk after five years.

Are you ready for all the spam?

A mirror? A selfie!

Grandma did not go on the little River Walk stroll with us because she felt exhausted, but we took numerous photographs for her to see. It’s as if she did come!

This was literally 1 minute away from our hotel.
My fiance (oooooh) and I with our not so little sister.
Me, when I become a mommy.
The girls.
I love this photo of my little sisters.
They are nearly as big as I am!
My auntie is one of the masterminds behind our trip!

Although the scenery appeared comparable to when I was last there, the energy and experience of my family being there made it so special. It was delightful, despite our feet hurting from all the wandering. I remember hearing the pitter-pattering of my younger cousins’ feet, as they ran along the River Walk ahead of me.

My auntie Pookie accomplished to find a charming place called, Guillermo’s for the family to have dinner.

There were about twenty-two of us, and we almost did not have a place to eat! But, we were welcomed by their excellent staff and had a thrill hanging out in the hot summer air.

Another peace!
My uncle, Tri is missing from the photos because he was awesome enough to take them!
You can’t beat his picture-taking skills!

My cousin’s boyfriend chuckled at us for taking so many pictures together, but you can never miss out on an opportunity of capturing a sweet moment like this.

Grandma may have missed out on the River Walk the night before, but she made sure to come down the next morning! How cute is she?

The fun started up again the next day, quite early actually! This time, grandma was geared up and ready to take on Six Flags! I can’t remember if she’s ever been to Six Flags since moving to America from Vietnam, but this was the first time I got to experience this with grandma.

The elevators took forever, so why not take a photo?

We found a little McDonald’s nearby and stepped in for breakfast before going mad at Six Flags.

I just realized that there was a Chipotle next door while uploading this photo…I feel like I would have been happier there, haha!

While driving inside the parking lot of Six Flags, I heard the screams of people from the rides above us. I was becoming excited and could not wait to hurry in.

The family eventually got reunited at the entrance…so here we are again! Another picture to commemorate.
Uncle and Auntie looking at the map to find me because I am awesome.
Her youngest daughter and son.

Waiting beneath the sun for rides was kind of fun but was more exhausting! I had to cap it at ride number two and rejoin grandma’s squad.

Just relaxing under the tree while the little ones run off to their rides.
I had to join…
Our fanny packs are cute aren’t they?
My uncle couldn’t resist! He was one of the masterminds behind our trip.

We couldn’t resist the smell of turkey legs, so we took a break beneath a closed booth and ate our hearts away.

Asian style goes a little like this.
I wanted to be fed corn…
Surviving the heat!
Got a Wonder Woman hat to fill my blue addiction.
Not feeling it…
Waiting for our train to arrive.
I waived like a Royal haha!
Bye Six Flags!

After loading the vans up with family, we hurried back to the hotel to leap into the pool to cool off.

I convinced her to jump in with us!
I love this photo so much. Grandma seemed so joyful being around all of us.
Dinner dinner

Dinner was at a fusion spot called “Pinch.” The owners are Thai and Vietnamese, which was apparent from the decor. Food was amazing!!!

So much food.
I think grandma is full.
I want more fries looking at this photo.
Look at the moon!!!

The next morning we checked out of the hotel, had breakfast, then off to the Tea Garden we went.

How cute is he?!

Tea Garden takeover!

She wanted my sunglasses for this photo.
I think she enjoyed her fan!
Austin too but not sure about Zeusy.
This garden was so beautiful to wander through.
Looks like we were photoshopped in, don’t you think?
Not sure what was going on behind us, but all that mattered was grandma.
Zeus was not amused.
Zeus was a trooper.
I will never forget this second, looking on to my fiance and pup.
The coolest photo I took.
Isn’t she beautiful?
It was so amazing.
So much green.
She loves Zeusy!
Everything was great except for their Bubble Tea…
Grandma loves snapping photos on her phone!
So many photos, I know.
I think we may be the cutest.
I don’t know, these two are pretty cute too.
They’re all cute!

After the Tea Garden, we packed up the vans, said our goodbyes to San Antonio, and drove home. The weekend came and went, but our memories are always staying. I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I do.

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